Infrastructure Solutions

Again, the advantages of a business leveraging on technology solutions to drive its business and make it profitable and efficient cannot be over emphasized enough. Every business has seen and will continue to see remarkable transformation in their service delivery models due to the constant and rapid technological improvements across the world. We have a team of trusted experts in information technology engineering as well as an extensive network of associates and technological partners, ensuring success even when projects are complex and demand high innovation levels.

Our expertise covers a wide range of technology infrastructure solutions such as:

  • IP CCTV Surveillance for offices and hazardous areas
  • Network Management and security solutions
  • Multi-service access network Solutions
  • IP Telephony and VoIP Solutions
  • Network cabling and wireless solutions
  • Power Conditioning and Site Management
  • Data Center build

IT Outsourcing and Business Support Services

Our range of business support services ensures clients lean on our over-20-years’ experience in deploying and maintaining basic and complex IT solutions, while allowing them focus on the core of their business. These Outsourcing and Support Services among others include:

  • Hardware and Software support, which includes servers, desktops, personal computers and peripherals (printers, scanners, etc). Software ranges from various operating systems (Windows, Apple and Linux) to product or function specific software.
  • Specialized Services Support which includes VoIP Solutions, Video Conferencing Solutions, CCTV, Email Support, Website Design and Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Hosting, etc.
  • Network Support and Management includes Firewall, VPN, Remote Access and Network Administration best practices.
  • Vendor Management involves providing the needed guidance and expertise in managing 3rd party providers and vendors to ensure the business is getting the right service for its needs
  • IT Outsourcing involves providing necessary technical expertise to manage all of a business’s technology requirements and needs. We do have well trained and experienced IT professionals to outsource to clients where needed and required.

Cloud Solutions and Services

Cloud technologies introduce new products and services enabling global scale and endless computing power. We provide solutions and services that allow our clients deliver at higher velocities using an automated, repeatable practice. By leveraging cloud technologies, businesses can deploy features more rapidly, drive costs down and create new business models while ensuring teams work more collaboratively within the organization, evidently leading to business productivity. Some of these services include:

  • Dedicated and/or Shared Server Hosting
  • Email Hosting with G Suite and O365
  • Web Hosting with Linux and Windows based hosting server
  • Domain Registration and Hosting

ERP and Business Process Management

We help design innovative approach to solving practical business problems, implement best practices and remodel business operational processes. We understand that being able to bring about change and improvements in any market or business requires tact and strategy, and there is no successful global organization without the de-mystifying of the different processes that make the business function. Our global strategic alliance enable us work smarter, equipping businesses in with the right business advantages in operational processes and service delivery. We are subject matter experts with savvy qualified experts who are vast and knowledgeable in different third-party products and services, hence we are able to offer services in projects management and change management to facilitate the day-to-day operational processes of any enterprise, enabling real time decision making and an overly efficient organization with proven track record of increased efficiency of about 50%. From the integration of varied innovative omni channel technology and processes, to operational workflows, in the application of industry best practices, we are on hand to deliver.

Application Development: Software and Web Solutions

Application Development (also known as Software Development), is a major section of our business where we focus on clients’ business requirements and work to transform these requirements into reliable business solutions leveraging and using state of the art technologies and software design techniques where applicable. It’s important for us to have software applications that have intuitive GUIs, easily distributable apps with flexible APIs, and ongoing management such as periodic updates, etc. This applies to both the mobile and desktop interfaces.

Along with this also includes Website Development where we design corporate websites, e-commerce web designs and provide ongoing support to existing or newly developed website projects. Our design & implementation processes remain hassle free and we have tailored our design packages to completely inclusive, leaving no size of business out. Our goal is to provide our clients the needed web visibility for their business.

Technology Consulting Services: Analysis, Strategy,
Design and Implementation

We offer end-to-end solutions by leveraging our vast experience, broad market knowledge and technology excellence to develop complete solutions that meet our clients’ requirements. Our team of experts are well trained for providing consultation services for your growing business. Our primary focus has been organizations that deploy new systems/solutions and/or upgrade application suites, systems or networks. We deliver a valuable platform that helps businesses grow exponentially, empowering them to keep selling through every available channel there is. Our provisions cover mobile, social, and multichannel commerce.

Some of these services include:

  • Technology Assessments and Strategy Formulation
  • Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • Business Solution Implementation
  • Technology Roadmapping

Training and Management Consulting Applied to Technology

TriBase Solutions advises C-level executives on the overall project by accessing the current environment and by proposing solutions not only from a technology perspective but from an organizational, financial, security and process standpoint as well. Training on specific IT technologies and software skills are also part of consulting services that we offer.

Technology as a Business Enabler

We pride ourselves in providing turnkey technology solutions to meet every business requirement in literally every industry sector of an economy with proven track record of solution deployments. Our aim is to provide the client with a technology solution that will further enhance the business operations of such a client and with the impact that technology has on our global economy today, it is very glaring to see how far technology has taken even the smallest businesses and making them standout and compete with larger corporations in the same industry. Some of these technology business enablers include:

  • Automatic Fare Collection System, which is basically a revenue assurance solution that drives efficiency, removes bottlenecks and provides a reliable means of managing the complex business of operating a public transportation system. Technologies such as NFC, EMV cards, Mifare cards (coins and stored value cards) are all incorporated into this system to provide a comfort level of usage to passengers and customers that will be patronizing the services on offer.
  • Mobile Money Wallet system presents a proven means of providing financial inclusion to a large population of unbanked individuals who have no access to any form of financial services. This system alone presents the ability to empower this segment of people to grow and ultimately driving the economic growth in that country.

We help deliver a consistent agile omni-channel and extensible commerce solutions that help businesses sell more goods and services; anywhere and everywhere, providing them an ergonomic single view of their customers, products, and giving them the power to manage and support their prospects, leads and clients and continue to transition them to sales and retain them.